Thursday, November 3, 2011

Thursday, Ellie, and baby names

I've been sitting here for a few minutes trying to think of something really cute and crafty to start my blog with, but I can't think of's Thursday.  I knew it was Thursday about the time a sharp pencil went whizzing by my head this morning while I was playing the piano for my 5th graders!  However, I got a lot accomplished today and even started to work on the yearbook.  I think it's kind of funny that I will be on maternity leave when the yearbook gets handed out in May...
Enough about work, though.  Ellie and I had a great evening!  I love it when she is in a good mood, and she certainly was today.  She is very girly in that she loves to wear "bracelets", which are actually teething rings, around her wrists.  She also saw my necklace this afternoon and just had to wear it so I put it on her and she pranced around the house with a big smile on her face:)  She said "eewy" for the first time today, which translates as "shoo-ee" in grown-up language.  I sometimes smell her feet and say shoo-ee and she giggles like crazy.  Well, while I was changing her diaper today she pulled her sock off, stuck it to her nose, and said, "eewy!"  I couldn't help but laugh, so she did  it over and over again. 
Ellie and I made cookies today too, which really means that I made cookies while she ran around finding things to get into and begging to be picked up because I wasn't paying attention to her.  They are called whoopie pies (yep, I know) and they were soooo yummy!  I brought them to band practice and now they are all gone...we certainly didn't need to keep them around the house!  Ellie was pretty good for band practice tonight.  She ran around with a pacifier in her mouth for a good portion of the time.  I really don't understand her...she refused the pacifier as a baby and now she throws a fit if I don't let her play with them!  I hope it's just a toy for her because we certainly aren't starting that habit at this point!
I had a dream this morning before my alarm went off, and in the dream the new baby's name was Mallie.  We are at such a loss when it comes to baby names so I guess we'll hold on to that one for a while as an idea.  It's crazy the things that a pregnant brain comes up with!  If anyone has any good suggestions for baby names, we can't do much worse than Baby #2 Levengood, which is what Billy has suggested...feel free to share your ideas!
I am tired and I can tell it from my writing, so I guess this is good night, or as we would say to Ellie, "Night night!"

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